The answer to all of these questions is YES!

We created this list of all the big and small questions we get frequently asked.

Installation & Setup

  1. Can I use it on my existing computers?
  2. Can I use it on mobile devices like iPads and tablets?
  3. Can I use from a remote location, when I’m not in the laboratory?
  4. Does XHMEIO support multiple laboratory locations?
  5. Does XHMEIO come pre-configured with tests and test groups?
  6. Can I transfer my existing data to XHMEIO?
  7. Does XHMEIO keep track of critical data updates and user activity in the system?
  8. Does XHMEIO maintain local and remote back-ups?
  9. Does XHMEIO perform data integrity checks on a regular basis?
  10. Is XHMEIO always kept up to date with important security releases?

Sampling & Testing

  1. Can I specify calculated values for tests with complex formulae?
  2. Can I specify default values for tests?
  3. Can I mark samples as urgent?
  4. Does XHMEIO support LOINC codes for tests?
  5. Does XHMEIO support test names in English and Greek?
  6. Does XHMEIO support multiple reference ranges depending on patient and/or sample information (gender, age)?
  7. Can I customise reference ranges of tests?
  8. Does XHMEIO perform delta-checks for all performed tests?
  9. Does XHMEIO validate results?
  10. Can I customise how results are validated?
  11. Does XHMEIO alert on abnormal and extreme values for test results?
  12. Does XHMEIO warn the user when prior to performing additional tests on unstable samples?
  13. Can I search and easily find samples and visits?
  14. Can I create worklists per instrument or report type?
  15. Can I track pending visits and tests?
  16. Can I specify the turnaround time of each test?
  17. Does XHMEIO estimate the turnaround time for each visit?
  18. Can I specify the specimen and method used for each test?
  19. Does XHMEIO keep track of test kit opening and expiring dates?
  20. Does XHMEIO keep track of which user was responsible for sampling and authorising of results?


  1. Can I easily see which outsourced tests are pending and to which laboratory?
  2. Can I evaluate the quality of service of outsourcing laboratories for future reference?
  3. Can I specify the cost price for test from each from each supplier?
  4. Can i specify the turn around time for each test from each supplier?

Quality Control

  1. Does XHMEIO perform delta checks (RCV, biological variations, test variation) and my laboratory’s coefficient of variation CV % ?
  2. Can I see Levey-Jennings and Youden graphs for accepted QC results?
  3. Does XHMEIO use Westgard rules for quality control?
  4. Does XHMEIO include Z-scores in quality control reports?


  1. Can I easily customise the order of tests and test groups in reports at any time?
  2. Can I add private notes to reports?
  3. Can I add images or documents in reports?
  4. Can I add comments and notes in reports?
  5. Do reports specify which types of specimens were used?
  6. Do reports specify the method used to perform each test?
  7. Do reports display reference ranges only applicable to the sample used?
  8. Does XHMEIO calculate sample stability based on admission date and type of test?
  9. Does XHMEIO provide patient history charts for test results in reports?
  10. Can I filter for pending or completed tests in a visit?
  11. Does XHMEIO keep track of when and who added or updated test results?
  12. Does XHMEIO keep track when, how, and by whom reports were delivered?
  13. Can I send SMS and email notifications when reports are ready?
  14. Can I create custom messages and templates for SMS and emails?
  15. Does XHMEIO automatically compare patient’s previous test results and the biological variation?
  16. Do reports display patient’s clinical information on each report page?
  17. Do reports specify which tests are ISO accredited?
  18. Can I authorise the release of results prior to delivery?
  19. Do reports specify whether a test was outsourced or performed internally?
  20. Do reports display delta checks?
  21. Do reports display past results for each tests?


  1. Does XHMEIO generate invoices for visits?
  2. Does XHMEIO calculate pricing breakdown of visits when patients are members of a fund, insurance, or associated organisation?
  3. Can I customise prices by patient or account?
  4. Can I provide special discounts?
  5. Can I generate a single invoice for multiple visits?
  6. Can I see which accounts are outstanding?
  7. Can I generate statements of account?

Accounts & Profiles

  1. Can I add as many personnel accounts as I need?
  2. Can I specify roles and permissions for each personnel account?