Robust, Secure, & User-Friendly.

All the right things in all the right ways.


Stop wasting your time with paper forms and slow software.

With LIS XHMEIO you get instant access to patient profiles, tests, and sample information.


  1. Quick and intuitive patient and sample registration.
  2. Automatic specimen and analysis method identification.
  3. Automatic turnaround estimate.
  4. Automatic invoicing to multiple accounts.
  5. Instant electronic report delivery and printing of hard copies.
  6. Unlimited patient profiles.

Sampling & Testing

Always be certain about the quality of your results.

LIS XHMEIO manages all the little things you need to get right from the time a sample is collected until the testing is complete and results reported on time.


  1. Automated delta-checks for all quantitative tests performed.
  2. Automated and customizable rule-based validation of results.
  3. Alerts on abnormal, critical and extreme values.
  4. Automated sample stability warnings.
  5. Unlimited tests, test profiles and types of reports.


Always know what is going on with your outsourced tests.

Keeping up with the current status of outsourced or subcontracted tests has never been easier.

  1. Specify outsourced tests to external laboratories.
  2. Manage outsourced test costs, turnaround time, and evaluate quality of service.
  3. Easily track progress of all outsourced tests.

Quality Control

Exceptional quality, at all times.

LIS XHMEIO provides a unique combination of automated and supervised Quality Control systems that make you always right.

  1. Automated delta checks taking in account RCV, biological variations, test variation and your laboratory's coefficient of variation (CV %).

  2. Integrated Quality Control for all quantitative tests of the lab, independently of the instrument the test is performed on, or performed manually.

  3. Automated result validation using Westgard algorithm (seven criteria).

  4. Levey-Jennings and Youden graphs.

  5. Daily Quality Control reports including Z-scores.

Reporting & Delivery

A human touch is always nice, even if you're not there.

LIS XHMEIO provides flexible and automated results reporting according to your patient's and associate's needs.

Send Email Report to Patient and Doctor

  1. Multilingual reports based on patient language preferences.
  2. Attach graphs, charts, and other media to reports.
  3. Electronic reports delivery to multiple recipients (patients, doctors, and associates) via email, fax and online with SMS and email notifications.
  4. Unlimited number of customizable report types (eg. Haematology, Urine, Allergy, Stools, Sperm, etc) with unlimited number of tests within each report.
  5. Automatic and customizable reference range for each test result based on patient and/or sample information (gender, age). Age can vary from days to years.
  6. Display the patient’s previous and historical results (required for delta-check determination).

LIS & Analyzer Integration

You haven’t experienced efficiency if you’re still doing it by hand.

LIS XHMEIO automates the error-prone and time consuming process of manually ordering and retrieving test results from clinical analysers.

LIS Integration

  1. Automated bidirectional communication with analyzers and clinical instruments.
  2. Automated result evaluation and per-visit reporting.
  3. Automated quality control for any given date across all your clinical instruments.
  4. Barcode generation and printing based on sample information.

Billing & Invoicing

Never worry about who should pay what and for which tests.

LIS XHMEIO takes care of all the complexities associated with medical billing, including split invoicing (copay) and special discounts for your special patients.

Split billing and payment

  1. Unlimited custom pricing rules by account or account group (Patient, Doctor, Laboratory, Fund, Insurance, etc).
  2. Easy split billing and invoicing to more than one account per visit.
  3. Invoice creation based on predetermined pricing rules.
  4. Creation of combined invoices and account statements by account and date range.
  5. List of outstanding balances.

Accounts & Profiles

Persistent records for your patients, associates, and personnel.

With LIS XHMEIO you have everything you need to know about each and everyone of your patients and associates in one place.

  1. Unlimited patient profiles with history of visits, comparison charts, reports, invoices, payments, and account activity.
  2. Unlimited associates profiles (eg. outsourcing laboratories) with historical records on samples, results, invoices, and payments.
  3. Unlimited custom user groups and personalised permissions.
  4. Pre-configured account types, including Patient, Doctor, Laboratory, Clinic, Fund, Supplier, and Personnel.

ISO Compatibility (ISO 15189:2012)

When it comes to laboratory accreditation it’s the details that matter.

LIS XHMEIO helps you get the details just right, without worrying too much.

  1. Laboratory consumables (section 5.3)
  2. Pre-examination, Examination, Post-examination processes (sections 5.4, 5.5, 5.7)
  3. Quality Control (section 5.6)
  4. Reporting and release of results (sections 5.8 & 5.9)
  5. Information management (section 5.10)

Please note: The LIS XHMEIO application is not ISO accredited and it does not claim to provide 100% coverage of the ISO 15189:2012 standard for Clinical Laboratories.

Installation & Usage

Fast, secure, and easy to use.

Everything you need to get your job done right in one package.

  1. Unlimited user accounts for personnel with distinct access credentials, customizable permission-based access rules, and activity logs.
  2. Secure access from any internet connected device. Nothing to install.
  3. Remote access (off-premises) from any internet connected device without installing additional software (optional and customizable).
  4. Real-time monitoring and audit log.
  5. Automated local and remote backups with data integrity checks.