Our Story

This is how and why we build the perfect tool for clinical laboratory directors.

LIS XHMEIO is provided and supported by Octavodia Ltd, a company founded by brothers Dimitris & Nicolas Rudas. Since 2007 we've been helping clinical laboratories modernise their operations through cutting-edge technology and user-friendly applications.

It all began back in the 1990s when clinical laboratory director Francisco Rudas realised that his decade old Laboratory Information System was actually preventing him from growing his laboratory. So he decided to get his hands dirty and slowly started to develop his own little programs that did the right things in the right way.

Over the years his programs have evolved to be an indispensable tool for doing all the things a clinical laboratory should do. From handling sensitive patient information and test results to sending personalised reports to patients and associates.

But what allowed Francisco to focus on growing his laboratory was all the automation his programs provided: automated results validation and quality controls, automated integration with his clinical analysers, and automated electronic reporting.

It didn't take long for his associates, mostly other clinical laboratories, to realise that he was on to something. Results were reported quicker and easier (via email or fax, never over the phone), quality control checks were always assured, and it was always a pleasure to do business with.

Over the years and with the help of his two sons, Dimitris and Nicolas, his programs have evolved into a state of the art clinical laboratory information system that still does all the right things in all the right ways.

In 2001, it was the first and only LIS system in Cyprus to provide online reports to patients and their doctors. In 2010 planning started for the next generation of the system. By 2016 the first beta was released built using battle-tested Open Source technologies that provide more freedom and stability.

Today, we believe that it is time for other clinical laboratories to enjoy these benefits as well. We believe it is time for growth.

Take the tour to learn more about LIS XHMEIO, read through the frequently asked questions (where the answer is always yes), or get in touch today to start using it.